Matthias Spitznagel, Animal Health Practitioner

Matthias Spitznagel, Animal Health Practitioner

Experience with the BIOCRYSTAL® SleePad™ (self test):

I initially came into contact with the topic of ‘bio-crystals for animals’ while working as an alternative practitioner for animals and running the horse rehabilitation centre at Hofgut Mahlspüren in Stockach / Lake Constance. As I was researching the product, I discovered that it was also available for people. Knowing that animals are significantly freer and honest in how they approach these things – animals decide intuitively based on their natural instincts while we humans rely on our intellects (ratio) – I initially wanted to test these products on myself. You must know that I’m the type of person who cannot immediately switch off after going to bed in the evening and that I am very restless for at least an hour before I can get to sleep.

But since I’ve been using the BIOCRYSTAL® Sleepad™, I can switch off and fall asleep within minutes. I also think that my sleep is more restorative and that I am more rested in the morning even if I haven’t been able to sleep quite that long. In order to be certain about the actual effect, I asked my partner to remove the SleePad at some time – without telling me. Which she then did. I had another really bad night for the first time again after weeks of using the Sleepad™. I wasn’t able to get to sleep and I was very restless. I first thought that I’d had a hard day with some difficult problems. But the next night was just the same. Then I remembered the Sleepad™. And as it turned out, my partner had actually secretly removed the Sleepad™ two days previously.

That’s why my personal experience with the Sleepad™ is extremely positive and I have used it ever since. These positive experiences have also been confirmed in subsequent findings and tests carried out within the scope of my work with dogs and horses. matthias-spitznagel

Experience with the EquiPads™ on treated horses:

I have used and tested the BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPads™ on several animals at my horse therapy centre. The RELAX, ENERGY and INTENSE / THERAPY types were tested.

The horses on which the EquiPads™ were used showed significant positive changes in regard to physical mobility and general well-being. A positive effect on the psyche was also noticeable – the behaviour of some of the horses changed very quickly while that of others took a few days to change – but they all appeared significantly more balanced, attentive and much more concentrated in their work. A comparatively improved and therefore significantly faster healing progress was determined when the INTENSE / THERAPY EquiPad™ was also bandaged to affected areas on horses suffering from tendon injuries.

Polish warm blood – 16 years old | Reason for treatment: severe headshaking

Horse was given acupuncture, laser therapy and Vitamin B12. Experience has shown, however, that 50% of all headshakers do not respond to treatment. The ‘RELAX’ BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPad™ was used in this case with the Heitex therapy blanket to accompany treatment. The horse presented no more headshaking symptoms whatsoever after three weeks.

Mare – eight years old | Reason for treatment: head trauma

The horse was extremely nervous and anxious after having suffered a head trauma. The ‘RELAX’ BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPad™ was used to accompany the treatment here. The mare became increasingly calmer, more balanced and lost her nervousness. Trials where the therapy blanket (BIOCRYSTAL®) was taken away resulted in apparent setbacks. The horse relaxed noticeably as soon as the therapy blanket was put back on it.

German riding pony, gelding – 22 years old | Reason for treatment: tendon problem

The horse had experienced a lesion in the flexor tendon, which had suffered around 50% damage. The injury was treated with hyaluron injections, laser treatment and aqua training. These measures were accompanied by the application of the ‘INTENSE / THERAPY’ BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPad™. The leg with the damaged tendon was bandaged overnight with this pad to complement the treatment. The vet’s ultrasound examination after just a few weeks revealed a comparatively huge and unusually advanced regeneration of the injured tendon. Absolutely remarkable in view of the horse’s age and the severity of the injury.

The gelding continued to recover and – after just five months – it could already be ridden at walking pace. The horse was examined by ultrasound again after seven months. The tendon injury had healed completely. There remained only a minimal, hardly visible scarring of the tendon. Today, around nine months after the tendon problem occurred, the gelding is being ridden and worked at all paces. The tendon is clear and it is able to bear weight.

The treatment-supporting effect of these BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPads™ was again apparent to me in this case.

Experiences with the CELLIANT® BandagePadding POWER pad for use with bandages

Warm-blooded gelding – 14 years old | Reason for treatment: annular ligament syndrome (inflammation) in the front right fetter

The horse was treated with laser therapy over the course of the first few days. The CELLIANT® BandagePadding was bandaged on to the affected leg for around 12 hours a day after seven days of laser treatment. There was a further clear improvement after just a brief period of use and I attribute the apparentness and strength of this improvement to the supporting effect of CELLIANT®. The swelling decreased and the circulation in the leg improved as did the lymphatic flow. The inflammation abated noticeably. Even existing bile at the joints was considerably reduced and softer and even dissolved completely.

The healing process was considerably more protracted in many of the comparable cases where the CELLIANT® BandagePadding was not used.

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