Heitex Health Products with BIOCRYSTAL® and CELLIANT®

Heitex products support your horses in many situations. Whether during a tournament, regeneration or therapy – our products are recommended by riding professionals and therapists.

Natural Energizer products for ACTIVATING stressed sports horses, for convalescing, ill and exhausted horses.


Natural Energizer products for RELAXATION in anxious and stressed horses as well as for the conservation of energy and concentration.


Natural Energizer for supporting THERAPIES following injuries and illnesses as well as for encouraging mobility in old and ill horses

Horses full of vitality with the power of nature

More success at the competition with the Relax-Pad

Natural Energizer products by Heitex have several simultaneous effects: highly stressed sports horses become more active again. Anxious and stressed horses relax noticeably. Convalescing animals recover faster.

The BIOCRYSTAL®-EquiPads™ strengthen the immune system, address the body’s own self-healing powers, improve performance and promote the general well-being of your pet.

Our bandages are based on CELLIANT®-technology. They activate the body’s own self-healing powers through infrared radiation and the patented mixture of 13 minerals, promote blood circulation and lymphatic activity, for faster regeneration and rehabilitation. Lead to the reduction of any pain that may be present. Several successful clinical studies in humans prove these effects.

Easy to use with the corresponding horse blankets

A range of specially developed horse blankets has been created to facilitate the use of EquiPads™. The pockets on the back make EquiPad™ easy to use.

Natural Energizer products are employed to help preserve health and often also to accompany other treatments. They’ve not been designed as a substitute for examinations or treatments by physicians or vets.


Klaus Lechner, riding professional, horse trainer and breeder uses the Relax-Pad under the saddle at tournaments. The positive effects of the competition speak for themselves.

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