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Light warm winter horse blanket for paddock and stable with integrated sweat-removing function and pocket for optional BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPad™.

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Light winter horse blanket / transitional blankets for paddock and stable

With integrated sweat-removing function and pocket for optional BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPad™.

The robust Heitex ‘COMFORT PLUS – MHS 1’ functional blanket, lined with antibacterial inner FastDry fleece and a 150 g/m² warming fleece, with waterproof outer material, is ideally suited for the cold time of year. Protects against moisture, wind and cold.


Functions and finishing

optionally available: neck protector and BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPads™

the blanket fulfils different functions

  • The blanket is comfortable for the horse to wear and move with. This is ensured by the classic comfort cut and the additional leg folds.
  • The light but durable outer material in the 1200D ripstop quality is waterproof, windproof and breathable.
  • The integrated 150 g/m² polyester thermal fleece has a heat-insulating effect. Ideally suited for the cooler time of the year.
  • The inner FastDry fleece quickly removes sweat and keeps horses dry. The moisture to be removed is transported through a membrane to the outside. The integrated antibacterial finish also prevents the development of bacteria and mould in damp weather. This means that the elaborate task of changing blankets on sweaty horses after riding is no longer necessary.
  • The additional pocket on the back is for inserting the BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPads™.

the blanket comes with

  • additional leg folds for greater freedom of movement
  • size-adjustable double chest fastener, including Velcro
  • length-adjustable cross straps under the belly with quick fastener
  • elastic leg cords, rear
  • typical tail cord with fastening eyelets
  • tail flag
  • covered Velcro straps on the side of the neck cutaway for securing the optional neck protector
  • pocket, sized 36×45 cm, on the back as inserting possibility for the BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPads™


Storage and care

care – washing

  • at 30°C
  • without fabric softener / with detergents recommended for impregnated blankets
  • do not spin
  • do not tumble dry

care – impregnating 

  • hang up cleaned and dry blanket
  • spray blanket with impregnating spray in accordance with the instructions (quantity approximately 1/3 can for one blanket)
  • allow to dry again after impregnation (not in the sun!)
  • fold only after sufficient drying time

store properly   

  • ideally hanging
  • in a dry place
  • where ventilation is good

Additional information


135cm, 145cm, 155cm, 165cm


black, Brown, red


antibacterial, breathable, heat insulating, removes sweat, washable, waterproof, windproof






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Determining sizes

The following instructions explain how to determine the proper blanket size for your horse.

Sizes:  135, 145, 155 and 165

  •  Measure the length of your horse's back (distance from A to B). That's the distance between the withers and where the tail starts. Attention: The measuring tape must rest on the back along the spine
  •  The measured length is the required size of the blanket. Example: For a length of 145 cm, you will require Blanket Size 145.

Note: Please select the size with care. A poorly fitting horse blanket can chafe, cause discomfort to the horse or slip. The horse should be able to move freely without the blanket slipping or restricting its freedom of movement. The horse blanket should fit snugly on the horse's shoulder and bottom of the neck. The front side of the blanket should not be able to slip towards the rear or under the shoulder point when the fasteners have been secured. Make sure that all fasteners have been secured and that they can't come loose.



Weide u. Stall; für d. kühle Jahreszeit (Übergangszeit); vorbereitet für den Einsatz der BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPads™. 


-12° bis +14°C 


Brust: normal bis etwas breiter gebaut.Hals: normal bis etwas kräftiger.Nicht für extrem breite oder sehr schmale Pferde