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BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPad™ THERAPY/INTENSE has been developed for older horses with, for example, sometimes restricted mobility or other ailments.

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BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPad™ INTENSE / THERAPY has been designed to help optimise energy levels in horses.
With positive effects on psyche and body. May also be used to accompany and support treatments.


Area of application

This product has been developed for older horses with sometimes restricted mobility or other ailments. But also generally, independent of age or constitution of the affected horse, for improved recovery / convalescence after illnesses or injuries.

Similar effect as the ENERGY model, but more intensive. A little smaller in size – and so may also be used under bandages.

Several scientific studies have been carried out. But from the point of view of school medicine, it has not yet been proved that such treatments result in medical healing. That’s why the application of BIOCRYSTAL® should not be regarded as a substitute for diagnosis and treatments by physicians or vets. BIOCRYSTAL® is, however, also used by physicians, vets and therapists to ‘support’ treatments.



BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPads™ consist of two sections – the upper and lower outer material made from self-adhesive highly conducting textile fabric. BIOCRYSTAL® has been inserted between these two layers. This BIOCRYSTAL® is made up of a combination of 16 precious crystals, minerals and gold. The desired effects determine the precisely defined mixing ratio. In other words, the different types use varying mixtures of these components.


Easy to use

BIOCRYSTAL® EquiPads™ possess a relative handy format and are easy to use. Depending on the type of pad or application, they are placed on the horse’s back (see our horse blankets with pocket on the back) or secured directly to the affected problem area (using a bandage, e.g. for tendon injuries). The ‘INTENSE / THERAPY’ type is used under bandages or on a horse’s back. It may, however, be placed between the saddle blanket and saddle for riding. The EquiPads™ possess an effective radius of around 1.2 to 1.5 metres and develop their effect through several layers. But the closer they are to the body, in other words, the less there is between the pads and the animal, the greater the effect. Use the optionally available washable protective cases for the pads if necessary – waterproof version or with the additional CELLIANT IR function (INFRA-RED, not waterproof).

Please note that because of the smooth outer material the waterproof protective covers are not recommended for riding – risk of slipping.

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dry brush, not washable


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