CELLIANT® – greater quality of life through intelligent technology

CELLIANT® is an innovative technology that successfully uses the findings from the field of light therapy and as a result helps the body heal itself.

CELLIANT® products consist of a patented blend of 13 optically active minerals that have been embedded in textile fibres. These minerals absorb the energy given off by the body and return it as IR (infra-red / deep heat) energy.

The human body radiates energy all the time. Up to 100 watts are lost during resting. This energy would be sufficient to power a light bulb.

The infra-red energy that CELLIANT® returns to the body improves blood circulation, increases the amount of oxygen in muscle tissue and regulates the body’s temperature. Smallpox and tuberculosis were already successfully treated with red light during the 19th century.Light therapy is even used by NASA these days.

CELLIANT® improves general fitness, strength and performance

CELLIANT® accelerates physical recovery and regeneration.

CELLIANT® supports the healing process after illness and surgery

What is the scientific background to CELLIANT®?

The scientific basis for CELLIANT® technology has been underpinned by eight clinical trials and 13 global patents. The technology is regularly submitted to stringent scientific trials. Leading international brands have been enthusiastic CELLIANT® partners for a long time.

5 ongoing clinical trials

8 clinical trials

13 partners across the world

10+ world-class partners

100+ individual tests each year

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