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BIOCRYSTAL® - lasting recovery through natural means

Crystal healing can be traced back to ancient times (around 6,000 years). China was already documenting positive results about the effect of healing crystals from medical trials carried out in the period around 3000 BCE. Later on, the famous Hildegard von Bingen also worked with healing crystals. To this day her forms of therapy can be found in the medical rehabilitation of humans.

Based on the knowledge and experience gained over thousands of years, BIOCRYSTAL® has been developed to help preserve the health of animals and people and support accompanying rehabilitation treatments.

BIOCRYSTAL® boosts the immune system and consequently promotes the preservation of health and supports the body’s own regeneration processes.

BIOCRYSTAL® has a mentally harmonising effect, supports mental regeneration, promotes better sleep and consequently improves the quality of life.

BIOCRYSTAL® encourages and supports (treatment-accompanying) healing processes following injuries and illnesses.


The innovative BIOCRYSTAL® technology is based on the ‘combined effect’ of a mix of 16 selected natural precious crystals and minerals that have been enriched with gold and silver. It is decisive to this technology that the individual components are combined at the proper ratios, that they are mixed homogeneously, that the proper grades of fineness are used and that gold and/or silver are added for conduction and amplification. The materials are treated in a specially developed process that consists of several different stages. BIOCRYSTAL® is patented worldwide.

The mixtures vary with the different types and always depend on the desired purpose and the effect to be achieved. This means that the defined special effect is the target and that this determines the ‘formula’ to be used.

The combination of precious crystals and so on is associated with special aspects. It is known, for example, that the effects originally achieved with certain ‘healing stones’ may change completely when they are combined with others. This means that their effect cannot be determined on the basis of one and one makes two. That’s why it has taken many years of development by globally recognised mineralogists, bio-scientists, alternative practitioners and naturopaths to establish this ‘intelligent BIOCRYSTAL® structure’.

BIOCRYSTAL® has a positive effect on the body’s energy levels, influences the lasting harmonisation of the body’s own energy, promotes health and consequently produces greater well-being.

The active principle

The different individual crystals from which BIOCRYSTAL® has been composed vibrate at frequencies ranging between 10 and 900 oscillations per second. They stimulate the body’s natural ability to boost the activation of the body’s own energy. The body’s energy is harmonised and activated in an entirely natural way and you feel much better all around. This goes for people, animals and plants.

Physicians and therapists of all kinds and many athletes recommend BIOCRYSTAL®. You will find a few testimonials and studies into the effects of BIOCRYSTAL® under ‘References’ menu on this homepage.



Testimonials and studies