Heitex Hefel GmbH

Bettwarenfabrik Heitex Hefel GmbH was established in Lauterach in 1991. Its product range includes high-quality bedding and intelligent sleep systems. It always keeps up with the times and is in this way also able to supply such innovative products as BioCrystal and Celliant.

Its long and successful market presence is based on the high standards of quality that it applies and a strong orientation towards its customers’ needs. It is fully aware that only people with the appropriate sleeping system will be rested, full of energy and healthier. It is for this reason that the company cooperates with its dealers and works passionately each day to improve its customers’ quality of sleep.

The company shares its know-how to ensure that its customers feel good all round.

Heitex Hefel GmbH manufactures and sells bedding and is the general importer for Metzeler Sleep Systems (mattresses and slatted frames).

Its functional textiles for animals – especially horse blankets, pads for under bandages, etc. – represent a special aspect of its operations.

NATURAL ENERGIZER is another of the company’s main priorities. In this area of its work, it draws on such revolutionary developments as BIOCRYSTAL® and CELLIANT® (IR fabrics) and supplies products for people, animals and plants.